The Power of Early Childhood

The Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy at the Schoenbaum Family Center at Weinland Park (formerly the Children’s Learning Research Collaborative) is a driving force in making new discoveries about child development and early education, especially in urban environments. The center is directed by Ohio State’s Laura Justice, a speech-language pathologist and researcher […]

Full Steam Ahead: Ohio State’s STEAM Factory Gets Boost

A new Impact Grant from the Office of Outreach and Engagement increases momentum already generated by the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) Factory, a cross-disciplinary outreach initiative. Founding member Roman Holowinsky, assistant professor of mathematics; and 30 colleagues across campus formed the STEAM Factory in late 2012 to take leading-edge research into the […]

Cash For Grades:Improving Performance?

A growing number of schools have begun experimenting with providing cash payments to students to improve their academic performance. There is some preliminary evidence that, under narrow conditions, cash-for-grades programs may help certain stduents increase academic achievement. In this study, Dr. Bryan Warnick examines the ethical questions involved with providing conditional cash transfers to students. […]

Students’ Career Experiences Enliven Workforce Development and Education

Inspiring life-long learning Chris Zirkle, associate professor of Workforce Development and Education, works tirelessly to extend the workforce developement field. As the principal investigator of the Ohio Career and Technical Education Teacher Recruitment and Retention Grant, Zirkle will facilitate the maintenance and growth of teacher education programs in career and technical education in the Department […]

Preschooler’s Reading Skills Benefit from One Modest Change by Teachers

A small change in how teachers and parents read aloud to preschoolers may provide a big boost to their reading skills later on, a new study found. That small change involves making specific references to print in books while reading to children — such as pointing out letters and words on the pages, showing capital […]

Ohio Education Research Center will guide policymaking

Teachers, administrators and professors in Ohio will become more able to meet student needs from preschool through graduate school by drawing on the expertise of the new Ohio Education Research Center. The center, headquartered at The Ohio State University, has received $3.8 million from the Ohio Department of Education under the state’s Federal Race to […]

Focus on testing hurts ability to manage sexual situations

High school health classes fail to help students refuse sexual advances or endorse safe sex habits when teachers focus primarily on testing knowledge, a new study reveals. But when teachers emphasized learning the material for its own sake, and to improve health, students had much better responses. in these kinds of classrooms, students had lower […]