New Policy into Practice Brief Focuses on Facilitating a Smooth Transition to Kindergarten

Cynthia Bertlesen and Susan Peet describe ways for children to make a smooth transition to kindergarten-by supporting interpersonal relationships, ensuring continuity from preschool to kindergarten, drawing on family support, and more. Their article “Does the Transition to Kindergarten Impact Students’ Third Grade Reading Performance? If So, How Do We Help Facilitate a smooth Transition?” also […]

Bullying Prevention

Bullying is a serious problem that negatively impacts the lives of students in our schools and communities.  No longer considered to be a normal part of adolescence, bullying has been identified as negatively impacting physical, emotional, academic, and social functioning in both bullies and victims. The desire to prevent and reduce incidents of bullying among […]

Grit Predicts Success

‘Grit’ as Important as Talent, High School Achievement in Black Men’s College Success Beyond good test scores and high school grades, a new study finds one key factor that helps predict if a young black man will succeed at a predominantly white university. The factor is “grit” – a dedication to pursuing and achieving a […]

Sit Together and Read(STAR)2

  Children who exhibit primary language impairment in preschool often fail to become good readers.  In fact, more than half of these children exhibit a reading disability in second grade.  Reading proficiently is a vital skill for academic success and gainful employment.  Current practices for preschoolers with language impairment focus on teaching language skills such […]

$10.3 Million Project Mobilize Talent for Hard-to-Staff Schools

Children at high-need, hard-to-staff school districts in 12 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico will benefit from a new $10.3 million grant to the College of Education and Human Ecology. The five-year project aims to overcome shortages of highly qualified teachers by recruiting, preparing and retaining 1,111 recent college graduates, mid-career professionals and paraprofessionals. These […]

International Guide to Student Achievement

The International Guide to Student Achievement brings together and critically examines the major influences shaping student achievement today. There are many, often competing, claims about how to enhance student achievement, raising the questions of “What works?” and “What works best?” World-renowned bestselling authors, John Hattie and Eric M. Anderman have invited an international group of scholars to […]

School Vending Machines Can Make a Difference

Addressing the Obesity Epidemic Offering nutritious snack foods can be effective without decreasing the number of snacks sold and while maintaining financial stability of school food service programs.    ♠ Influencing Healthy Snack Selection by Middle and High School Students The obesity epidemic is well-documented in our society. Among the contributing factors is the high level of […]

Violence in high school sports

A growing threat to your youth’s health “Sports-related violence among youth is largely ignored as ‘just kids being kid,’ says Assistant Professor Sarah Fields, “but illegal activity, by definition, is not supposed to occur. It can be prevented by enforcing rules, penalizing illegal behavior and educating players and coaches about the danger.”  Sports-related violence occurs […]

Statewide Educator Evaluation Symposium comes to Columbus!

On May 25, over 2500 Ohio educators attended the “Empowering Educators to Improve Student Achievement” conference at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. This teacher evaluation conference provided the latest updates to both educators and school administrators for the upcoming teacher evaluation policy changes.

Is China becoming “creative” in their educational teaching philosophy?

While many people think China is more traditional in its approach, new evidence points to the learning environments within the country becoming exceedingly interactive as teachers have begun placing a higher value on creativity. The U. S. has included the arts and play in early education for decades, however, the trend for the past several years has been to focus more and more on intellectual development. Perhaps it would be prudent to keep our eyes on this initiative in China, rather than turning our focus so intently on academic test scores.