EHE Teacher Prep Highest in U.S.

The National Council on Teacher Quality in June rated Ohio State’s overall teacher preparation efforts as tops in the country.

Ohio State was the only one out of the 1,200 universities NCTQ reviewed to receive four stars for graduate secondary teacher preparation. The Teacher Prep Review 2013 Report gave the Department of Teaching and Learning 3.5 stars (out of four) for graduate and undergraduate preparation of elementary teachers.

“I credit our outstanding curriculum, outstanding faculty, outstanding students and outstanding alumni. It is wonderful to be recognized for the huge difference we make together in the lives of children and families,” said Dean Cheryl Achterberg.

The NCTQ report emphasized syllabi, meaning curricular content. In preparation for the university’s move to semesters, EHE faculty reviewed and revised curriculum, creating new degree programs, enhancing access and developing further ways to assess student progress.

The council and its partner, USNews & World Report, featured Ohio State in a set of videos about the most-highly rated programs.

The NCTQ report and other sources of data will be used to refine college programming. The college also in partnership with both Ohio and peer institutions nationwide to improvement teacher preparation. In addition, EHE is involved in Ohio’s higher education effort to create a teacher performance assessment.