Bullying Prevention

Bullying is a serious problem that negatively impacts the lives of students in our schools and communities.  No longer considered to be a normal part of adolescence, bullying has been identified as negatively impacting physical, emotional, academic, and social functioning in both bullies and victims.

The desire to prevent and reduce incidents of bullying among school-age children has resulted in a number of state and local policies that are meant to help schools and school personnel address issues of bullying.

In effort to address the status of bullying prevention efforts in Ohio elementary and middle schools,  The Ohio Bullying Prevention Project (OBP) was conducted to accomplish the following

1) Collect data on the ways in which schools are complying with the Ohio Department of Education Anti-Harassment, Anti-Intimidation, or Anti-Bullying Model Policy

2)  Collect data on bullying prevention programs operating in elementary and middle schools throughout the state of Ohio

3) Develop an online resource to be distributed to survey participants that may prove useful in building their capacity to provide effective bullying prevention curriculum and foster a positive learning environment for their students.

Results of the OBP project are summarized in a series of two webinars. The first  focuses on the best practices presented in the field of bullying prevention and intervention. The second displays the result of the OBP study and reveals how a sample of elementary and middle schools throughout the state are addressing the issue of bullying.


Bullying Prevention Webinar: Part 1   PDF

Bullying Prevention Webinar: Part 2   PDF