New Policy into Practice Brief Focuses on Facilitating a Smooth Transition to Kindergarten

Cynthia Bertlesen and Susan Peet describe ways for children to make a smooth transition to kindergarten-by supporting interpersonal relationships, ensuring continuity from preschool to kindergarten, drawing on family support, and more. Their article “Does the Transition to Kindergarten Impact Students’ Third Grade Reading Performance? If So, How Do We Help Facilitate a smooth Transition?” also […]

Bullying Prevention

Bullying is a serious problem that negatively impacts the lives of students in our schools and communities.  No longer considered to be a normal part of adolescence, bullying has been identified as negatively impacting physical, emotional, academic, and social functioning in both bullies and victims. The desire to prevent and reduce incidents of bullying among […]

Grit Predicts Success

‘Grit’ as Important as Talent, High School Achievement in Black Men’s College Success Beyond good test scores and high school grades, a new study finds one key factor that helps predict if a young black man will succeed at a predominantly white university. The factor is “grit” – a dedication to pursuing and achieving a […]