(8/5-8)EP&P Summer Workshops

<Ag Biotechnology Academy>

How can ag biotechnology contribute to food security? Learn about the latest seed research and the impact on environmental issues and sustainability; industry tours, access to experts, free classroom materials. All expenses-registration, food, and hotel-will be covered by a grant from the Ohio Soybean Council and DuPoint Pioneer.

Date: August 5-6, 2013

Location: Pioneer Seed Research Facility at Napoleon, Ohio

<Feeding the World: Science, Energy and Agriculture>

A workshop where questions are answered: How do we feed 9 billion people? How does production agriculture affect water quality? What is the value of corn production? Why biofuels? How can ag biotechnology contribute to food security? Soil and Sustainability: what is the link? Participants will see demonstration plots, talk to experts and learn lab skills.

Date: August 7-8, 2013

Location: Greene County Career Center and Conover Research Farm near Xenia, Ohio


Ashland graduate credit is available. Space is limited!

Please contact Carol Warkentien at carol@educationprojects.org